Study Break

Editor’s Note for Context:  I decided to go to PA school. There. I said it. Can’t go back now. Ok, I’ve said it before that to some other people. Several times actually. But now it’s “out there”. Feels so official.

Considering class doesn’t start until tomorrow I learned a lot today. For example, I learned what the heck gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria is and which general class of antibiotics you would use to treat each. I mean, nowadays you can just google that information but I guess the point is that information is now in my HEAD. haHA! Take that Wikipedia! This also means I’m one more teeny-tiny half-baby-step closer to becoming a PA. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be prescribing meds any time soon. Although I guess that could be only 4 years away, and 4 years can be a very long period of time or a very short period of time depending on if you are a high school freshman or mother of a kindergartner. I fall under neither of those categories therefore I will consider it a medium length period of time. Longer than it takes me to put together a photo book, but shorter than it took me to graduate from college. (<– Sentences that make me sound pathetic.)

Anyway…bacteria->antibiotics->prescriptions->kindergartners->being pathetic…are you still with me? We’re about to bring this tangent back home.

Microbiology has other fun facts. For example, Microbiology text books love to talk about STDs. They are microbes, so this seems generally appropriate, however I wonder if this is saying something about how Microbiology textbook writers think they can make information relatable to their generally college-aged readers.

In unrelated news I got my external hard drive back in a new (and I have to give Apple credit here) less eye appealing box. I took a photo of it then realized it was too monotonous looking to post. The important thing is that all 4-bajillion (give or take) of my photos made it safely into their new home and photography can begin once again. Huzzah! Here’s one I’m glad I didn’t lose:



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2 responses to “Study Break

  1. Anonymous

    Here is to hoping you make another correct decision and go to school in Seattle.

  2. congrats! Exciting stuff coming up for you! You’ll make an awesome PA!

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