Conversations with Myself

I wish the following post was an exaggeration. I also wish this was the first time I’ve thought through things like this.

YES! I want.

It’s out of your budget right now.

But they’re, like, $60 cheaper than my current running shoes!

And $90 out of your budget.

But I need these shoes.

No you don’t, you’re just telling yourself that.

No, really, I swear. My shoes have well over 600 miles on them already.

True, but I think you can wait. It’s not like you’re running a marathon next month.

But…I need them.

You’ll live.

Isn’t my budget more of a guideline? I’ll be fine. I won’t even notice it.

You’ve said that before. I also recall you eating trail mix for lunch several days in a row because you had no more food in your fridge.


Glad we’ve settled that.

I bet Jesus would want me to have these shoes.

…I’m not going to validate that statement with a response.

I wish I made more money.

You’re richer than 99% of the entire planet.

I think I need to go buy some almond butter…

No you don’t. That’s an excuse to be in the vicinity of Dick’s Sporting Goods. You’re going to “swing by” to try them on and inevitably impulse buy them.

It’s not an impulse buy! I’ve wanted pink running shoes for, like, 3 months now!

Yeah, an eternity. How have you survived?

I know! So I should buy them!

I was being sarcastic. Now go clean the kitchen.


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