Switaly Prologue: Delete till you Drop

I came back from Switaly about 3 weeks ago now, a new and happy owner of a super cool piece of antique jewelry, a cartoonish Swiss Guard figurine I’ve named Sven, a stack of vintage Roman post cards scribbled in Italian and (pregnant pause) a little over 2000 photographs with no where to upload them. Alas, my computer was filled To.The.Brim. Seriously. I considered it completely feasible that it would start vomiting computer chips at me through the CD-ROM. And it seemed no matter how many mp3’s I deleted or how many pictures I moved to my external hard drive, the poor guy was just maxed out.

So over the weeks I’ve deleted, backed up, burned, dragged n’ dropped and all together just dug out enough space to upload all these images. It took forever and I would like to personally thank the Civil Wars, the Band Perry and Gregory Page for being the only thing that kept me sane through the whole process. But now that we’re on the other side of the bridge both my computer and I are in much happier places. Me for having finally tackled a long overdue organizational project and my computer for having 20 gigs of breathing room.

Anywho…throughout the trip I had been keeping a list of different foods that I wanted to recreate when I got home and I was ready and raring to go with ideas for posts. I’ve been set back a bit in that endeavor, but back on track nonetheless. I’ve been cooking plenty and have lots to share in upcoming posts, both photographically and culinarily. Culinarily? Errrr…

How about we just look at pictures instead?

Elm, Switzerland

Where cows give you the stink eye.

Mercato Centrale, Florence

Make friends with your sausage vendors folks. Then they will let you practically stand on top of them to get a shot of their apron. Not to mention they will point out the good cheese and sausage…

Cinque Terre, Italy

Social Norm in Italy and Switzerland:  If you climb up and down a large mountain you shouldn’t drink water. You should drink beer.

Boboli Gardens, Florence

Watch out, they spit.

More to come later. I’ve got to go pack.


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2 responses to “Switaly Prologue: Delete till you Drop

  1. Glad you finally solved your problem! I am excited to see your pictures! Love the cow picture.

  2. You are so funny! And these are great pictures!!

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